Friday, August 6, 2010

Too much time has past

wow has it been so long since i wrote anything in here. Well I guess I will try to start again. I guess i will start off with the trip I just took to the Davis Mountains here in Texas. the trip was a very long drive but I feel that all of the saddle soars are worth it. I for the first time in my life so far saw the milky way. I sat my camera up to take some long exposure shots of the stars and went to the potty I was staying at the Davis Mountains State Park in a tent. I walked toward the restroom and the lights were very bright for my night adjusted vision so I covered them the best I could and still be able to see where I was going. When I was returning to my campsite the lights were then behind me and the sight above me at that moment was beyond words. the grandeur of the sight before me was something that I had not expected the sheer number of stars that were visible and so clear I thought to my self if there is a heaven and my dad is there this is what it looks like from the front porch. after I returned to the camp site I immediately moved the camera position so that I could try to capture this scene above me. I shot for about 2 hours trying diferent ways to get the right picture but to no avail I feel that none of them truly caught what I was wanting.

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