Friday, August 6, 2010

Too much time has past

wow has it been so long since i wrote anything in here. Well I guess I will try to start again. I guess i will start off with the trip I just took to the Davis Mountains here in Texas. the trip was a very long drive but I feel that all of the saddle soars are worth it. I for the first time in my life so far saw the milky way. I sat my camera up to take some long exposure shots of the stars and went to the potty I was staying at the Davis Mountains State Park in a tent. I walked toward the restroom and the lights were very bright for my night adjusted vision so I covered them the best I could and still be able to see where I was going. When I was returning to my campsite the lights were then behind me and the sight above me at that moment was beyond words. the grandeur of the sight before me was something that I had not expected the sheer number of stars that were visible and so clear I thought to my self if there is a heaven and my dad is there this is what it looks like from the front porch. after I returned to the camp site I immediately moved the camera position so that I could try to capture this scene above me. I shot for about 2 hours trying diferent ways to get the right picture but to no avail I feel that none of them truly caught what I was wanting.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why Photography

I just returned home Friday evening after spending the past three months in the St. Louis Metro East area. I encountered many new and exciting experiences that left me wanting to be back home in Fort Worth. It became harder and harder to go to work everyday after finding out that the company that I went to St. Louis for was laying me off. I was glad that I had my camera with me. I don't have the biggest or the best in cameras, but I have a desire, a need to take photos. I have found that even when I have a bad day there is always a camera powered and ready to go see the area around me. For most of the trip I was unable to go any where or do anything with out a group so doing impulse photography was limited to the area that I could travel to under my own power. I was pondering while taking some macro shots with my inexpensive true macro lens (50mm Quantaray) that I was the only person that could ever take this exact photo. What I mean by that is that in this instant at this point on the globe this light will only be mine that is an important thing. For any photographer that thinks that there photos are unimpressive or bad just remember that you are the only person in the world that could have taken that photo. the only bad photo is the one you did not take. toward the end of My time In the area I finally had a controlling interest in the car that was assigned to us. that afforded me the ability to actually do something.

Fourth of July weekend

My friend and co-worker Luis needs to go to the airport! That's great!I grabbed my camera and a tri-pod and loaded them in the car so after I drop him off I can go take photos of the St. Louis fireworks. Armed with my Sony Alpha 350 and 6 lenses to choose from I parked at the arch landing Metro station on the Missouri side of the Mississippi and view the festivities from the steps of the Jefferson Expansion Memorial grounds with what would expect to be 85 thousand of my new friends. I found that after wondering if there was any mid-west hospitality out here I finally found it. I sat down on the arch steps dead center top early to get a good seat. little did I know that there would be nice people that would crowd around and make the lonely experience a little more comfortable. a lady sat behind me. She noticed that I had a camera and she had just gotten a new Canon Powershot SLR. She hesitated asking me for information on how to operate her new tool. I was pleased to help I love photography and cameras and the little information that I knew about her camera was expanded before the end of the lesson. She got what information I had. I told her to experiment with the camera, but when she needed the photos to be good and if she was unsure of the settings to use then leave it on auto. she was appreciative of the info and her her three boys and her husband were good company the rest of the night.

Of all the things that I have done nothing seems to keep my attention like photography. Any one who knows me knows that I have phases that I go through (just ask my wife). This "hobby" might be the on thing that I have done that will be the last thing that I do. I am hooked on this "drug" and it will be a hard hobby to kick. I would like that my hobby will make me money, but that would be only compensation for me having fun. As I sit a my computer writing this I realize that this is the largest collection of words that I have typed since I was in High School thirteen years ago. this must be the passion that my being has been longing for something that makes my mind feel at ease and allows me to relax and focus. This is the beginning. This will be my end.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrate St.Louis

In 2008 the St. Louis fire works show was voted the fifth best better than Chicago and New York. this year if the fireworks on the third are the opening act then the fourth should be spectacular. Counting Crows was the act for the 3rd and the act for the 4th will be Train, a very unexpected treat for me. Please visit there web site at

Counting Crows was vocal challanged in this live performance but the band was great. If I didn't know what the songs were supposed to sound like I would have thought that this was a group that just got there lead singer from the ditch behind the hotel. when the band was doing their thing and lead singer Adam Duritz was quiet it was an enjoyable performance. there was only a few times during the performance that I had one of those "oh now I know that song" moments. I am not a music critic by any streach of the immagination, this is just a person who loves music giving a personal opinion of the performance tonight. If you would like more info on up coming Counting Crows please visit there web site at

Magnolia Summer opens for Counting Crows at Celebrate St. Louis

This Fourth of July, Celebrate St. Louis kicked off with wonderful weather and a good band Magnolia Summer is a local band that plays original music. They are a mild rock/pop group that is like Dave Mathews band and Hootie. their front man Chris Grabau seems to be the focus as he is the "singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist"(band website). Check out there website at Music is available from most online retailers and itunes.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Check out my photos

I have a flickr page that I would like to invite all to visit. it is a compilation of the photos that I have taken over the last year. If you like something that you see please comment I love feed back It helps me to know what I am doing good.

The Hair Syndicate performes at Big Stix

A night at Big Stix

when you are out and about in the St Louis area, check out Big Stix located in Breese Illinois. I went there tonight at the request of my new friend Stacie Lane. She introduced me to a band that was gracious enough to allow me to photo them while they were performing. The Hair Syndicate is an 80's cover band playing songs from the greats like Boston, Skid Row, Poison, And Warrant. The group consist of Chad Hayes lead vocals and guitar, Tom Diamond guitar, Laurie Diamond Bass and Dave Wilson on Drums. The band is the best cover band that I have heared in many years. the sets were well balanced the licks were right on. The drummer Dave well his talent is unexpected and superb the best drummer i have heard live for some time. Tom really has the hair for the group and the ability,and the skill to make you believe that you are back in the 80's again. Laurie is a skilled and very focused musician. It was hard for me to get a photo of her with a smile (but I got one ,thanks Laurie). Chad Hayes is a great musical talent for the face and front of the band. For more information on booking or where to see the Hair Syndicate check out A special thanks to the band, Stacie, and to Big Stix for allowing me to take photos in there establishment.